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- Ian

In the Office

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In the Office.doc – (Türkçe çevirisi ile)

Friends Going to the Match

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Friends Going to the Match.doc – (Türkçe çevirisi ile)

Blind Date

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Blind Date.doc - (Türkçe çevirisi ile)

Piano Lessons (Telephone Conversation)

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Piano Lessons.doc – (Türkçe çevirisi ile)


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Lukas and Alden talking about Video Games

Two friends, Alden (my younger brother) and his friend Lukas, talk about a new video game and make plans to play the game after school.

- Intermediate – Slang – Informal English

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Türkçe Çevirileri ile birlikte metin – Lukas and Alden.doc

Directions to the Library

A foreign student tries to find his way to the city library and asks a passerby.

- Intermediate – Everyday English – Asking Directions

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Türkçe çeviri ile metin – Directions to the Library.doc

Introductions and Dinner Plans

Mr. Rosenhauer introduces his business partner to his wife. They make plans to have dinner in the future.

- Upper Level – Introductions – Making Plans – Very Formal English

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Türkçe çeviri ile metin – Introductions and Dinner Plans.doc


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